Friday 5

Welcome to this weeks Friday 5, What Does This Mean?

  1. When did you last see a rainbow? Have you ever seen a double rainbow? Last week. The week before there was a double rainbow.
  2. Do you know anyone who actually says “OMG” in conversation? Yes. I’ve heard Gab say it. I totally laughed at her. 
  3. What is the most beautiful natural sight you’ve ever taken in? That’s a tough one. Somewhere in the Okanagan, but there’s so many places to choose from.
  4. If you had to freak out about something visible outside your window right now, what would it be? Tornado clouds. There aren’t any right now but it could happen.
  5. Andy Warhol famously wrote that “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes.” What are your thoughts on fame in this new century, where everyday people seem to gain fame at the speed of an Internet connection? Meh.

Thanks for participating, and have a glorious, mind-blowing weekend!


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