Are You Homophonic?

Sometimes I wonder why it’s so incredibly hard for people to spell properly. In the age of spellcheck and google, why do people still get two, too, and to; their, there and they’re mixed up?

It’s not just that, but the other words that sound the same, here and hear, bear and bare. Come on people! It’s easy!

I admit I have been known to confuse it’s and its, mainly because I find ‘its’ looks funny when written. But honestly, this is all fourth grade English. Check your fucking post before you hit send and make people want to scratch their eyes out with chicken wire from having to read your mistakes. Trust me, we’ll thank you for it.

If you’re still confused, read this. Trust me you must need it.


One thought on “Are You Homophonic?

  1. Spellcheck won’t flag a misuse of homophones. So, you can’t rely on it to tell you if you’ve used “to” when you should have used “too.”

    But it’s still pretty easy to tell the difference; I think the challenge is getting people to realize that their readers do judge them when they use the wrong word.

    The misuse of homophones by professional writers doesn’t help, either. Every day the staffers at Yahoo commit some of the most egregious (and sometimes hilarious) homophonic errors.

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