Twilight Tuesday

For some reason, I’m into fics again. A lot. And when I read fics, I tend to think about them. A lot. The thinking, then, turns into dreams. A lot. Like this one dream I had the other night. *Insert diddle liddle la wavey fingers from Wayne’s World here*

Twi-Whore and I went to KStew’s house, and met her parents. They were super nice and we didn’t even hate her! At all. Shocking I know. RPattz showed up, but we couldn’t find him anywhere we looked. Then we finally saw him, and Twi-Whore looked like my old high school best friend.

RPattz was all cute and shy and awkward like in his interviews, and I freaked him out a little because I kissed him, but then he was fine and played the piano for us a bit. Twi-Whore ended up catching on fire but it was all good cause RPattz lit his smoke from her and she was fine.

We left KStew’s and went to a spa where I had a Pedicure and Facial. KStew must have come with us because I ended up giving her makeup advice. (She’d been wearing this horrid matte chalky pink lipstick, and I said No!) RPattz showed up again in a limo that was a transformer. It turned into a helicopter and he whisked us away.

Then I woke up. Damn those birds outside my window.


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