Book Review

Annie Markham is trapped in a fairy tale existence complete with a narcissistic family and a godmother, but her prince turns out to be a toad. At 19, Jake Mead was her true love until her godmother Susannah stepped in and Jake ran away. Now, seven years later, Annie’s wealthy family is heading toward bankruptcy, and Susannah brings in the best consultant in England to rescue their London public relations agency. The wunderkind turns out to be Jake, who is out for revenge. Annie spends her time working, something unheard of in her family, and doing good deeds while trying to avoid Jake. Both Annie and Jake are actively seeking relationships, but their thoughts keep turning back to each other. Fun and interesting multidimensional characters populate this very charming story that proves that a prince cum toad can eventually turn back into a prince and rescue the princess from her relatives.

I finally finished reading Persuading Annie by Melissa Nathan. I’ve had it sitting on my shelf for around two years if not more. The first Melissa Nathan book I read, The Nanny, I loved and decided to pick up the rest of her books.

Like the others of hers I’ve read, (The Nanny, The Waitress, and The Learning Curve) Persuding Annie did not disappoint. It was a light, funny, and fluffy book, perfect for a summer read.

The alternating points of view kept it interesting, and I found it highly amusing that the main love interests were named Jake and Edward. There was even a Bella in the end.

If you’ve read any of her other books, or are just looking for a bit of fluff, I’d highly recommend Persuading Annie.


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