A Lunar Eclipse

Yesterday, Twi-Whore and I thought it would be a great day for an Eclipse party, what with there being a lunar eclipse and all.

We started around 1:00 in the afternoon, dining on Monte Cristo sandwiches and Mozza Sticks for lunch. We paired it with a delightful Mead we found at the farmers market last weekend. For a treat afterwards we had Ben and Jerry’s Cullen Carmel Hat Trick ice cream, in honor of MoBS. Delicious!

As we ate, we watched Remember Me, and of course, talked during the film. Devil’s Food cupcakes with Peanut Butter icing were snacked on throughout the day. After Remember Me we took a break, made some popcorn, and did a bit of planning for our trip to “Utensil”, before starting Twilight.

We got to the baseball scene before we got bored decided we needed something more active to keep us alert. So we played Guitar Hero!  That definitely helped for a while, and it stayed in the theme when I sang Taylor Swift’s You Belong To Me with the Jacob Black lyrics. Even though it’s a strictly Team Edward party. No dogs allowed.

Once Guitar Hero was finished we made some Baked Bree Brie with carmelized onions and baguette, while we watched Robsessed. *giggle* Surprisingly enough it wasn’t boring. Another bottle of wine was enjoyed, and like the bad Twi-fans we are, we didn’t get around to watching New Moon. Instead we opted for I Love You Man.

Even though it doesn’t sound like it’s Twi related, it definitely was! We can always make something Twi related, and it just so happened that the wedding date in the movie was set for June 30th, the very day that Eclipse is opening! Squee! [Twi-Whore’s note: What are the chances? Really!]

During I Love You Man, we opened another bottle of wine, a rose, and made some M&M’s Oriental Party Pack. Yum! [Twi-Whore’s note: You down with OPP? Ya you know me!] The movie ended just in time to watch the last half hour of SNL, and who would be hosting but none other than Taylor Lautner. We couldn’t have planned it more perfectly. Unless it was The Precious. That would be perfect.

We had a lot of fun and it only sucks because we’ll have to wait another 18 months before we do another one. But we can always find an excuse to have another party. Because really everything reverts back to Twilight. Really. It does.


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