There and Back Again – A Waters Tale

It’s been a busy week, but fun nonetheless. Last week Tuesday we left windy, rainy, Lethbridge, to seek the sun, in the beautiful Okanagan. The drive there was beautiful, with a few clouds and a bit of drizzle along the way. We pulled into Vernon around 5, and were greeted with hugs and smiles from family and kids. Mom made me homemade cottage cheese perogies with farmer sausage and shmont fat, followed with fresh apple pie for dessert. Delicious! We spent the next day visiting with her, my aunts and brother and sister-in-law. Surprisingly the kids weren’t scared of either of us as they usually are, and we loved having them around to play with.

Thursday saw us off in the morning, to make a stop-in to see my Grandpa and Dorothy for a quick visit, before heading into Kelowna to have lunch with a friend at our favourite Pub. Wings were delicious as always, and after that we went for a bit of a drive around town, before heading to the mall to check it out as well. We arrived early and surprised Trista who was not quite ready for us. The kids seemed a bit leery at first but within minutes warmed up right away. That evening Trista and I headed out to girls night while the boys stayed at home with the kids and enjoyed a few alot of beers.

Friday I went with Trista to Riley’s preschool field trip to the Ellison Fire Hall, while Steve wandered town and met up with some old friends for drinks.

That night Trista got the cake and things ready for Sophie’s birthday party the next day. (I helped fluff her flowers)

Saturday morning I went for a visit to a friend’s house for coffee while everyone else went to the boys baseball games. I was home before anyone else and had a nap before lunch. After lunch Trista and I went to check out som Wineries and take some photos, before coming back to set up for the party.

The party was fun and afterwards everyone came back after taking all of the kids home. I had a few too many glasses of wine and ended up spilling a full glass on myself, that’s when I knew it was time for bed. Unfortunately it was before the cops arrived and I missed the excitement.

Sunday, the boys had baseball again all morning and afternoon, so Steve and I took the opportunity for some alone time. We went to the flea market in Rutland, where we found some great deals, before we went for a drive to Westbank and lunch at Whitespot. We came home and I had another nap and woke up feeling refreshedish. Trista called to meet us before heading downtown for a walk, and told us Tyson came in second place in his baseball league and Riley won MVP on his team. Way to go boys!

Monday, we had a nice breakfast before saying our goodbyes and leaving for Vernon again to spend one more night with my mom, brother and family. We went up to Davison Orchards to take some pictures of the boys and sights there, and found a Bee Farm along the way!

After dinner we visited my aunt and uncle, who live next door, before coming home for an early night.

Yesterday we were up early to get a head start and ended up leaving by 7:30. It was a rainy, cloudy drive home, but we were headed home at least. We pulled in just before 5:30 and had a nice quiet relaxing night.

Our trip was crazy, busy, but we had alot of fun. Hopefully it won’t take another six years before we head back again.


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