Twilight Tuesday

I think Eclipse is seriously going to piss me off. First, it’s my favourite book of the series. Second, New Moon started the whole “piss me off” thing when Edward didn’t hold Bella back from going to Jacob in the end. That was my whole basis on hating being angry with Edward. (Who am I kidding? I could never hate Edward.) Third, I am was Team Jacob. Next comes the shitty, shitty trailers. The second full trailer was good, but overall they were disappointing.

Finally when I watched the MTV Movie Awards and saw the “exclusive clip” I think my Eclipse boner shriveled up and died. Wtf? Why must Summit ruin everything? Bella telling Edward to “trust her” and him letting her just walk away and get on the bike with Jacob? Really Summit? Really? Have you even read the books Melissa Rosenberg?

Bella does not leave the school when Edward is there. He’s away hunting and Bella is left with Alice, who doesn’t see Jacob come and get Bella from school. Edward ends up angry and brooding, and that’s what makes the story great, angry, brooding Edward, and bi-polar Jacob.

I think I may even be more excited for Harry Potter, and to top it all off, now I have conflicting feelings between the book and movie versions. Thanks for that Summit. Thanks.


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