Twilight Tuesday

On Friday Twi-Whore and I went on a date. Swiss Chalet for dinner (where we encountered the worst possible service imaginable!), and to see Prince of Persia (she had already seen it and loved it!). Earlier that day we found the pre-sales for Eclipse tickets were available, so as soon as the box office opened, we were right there buying them, squeeing away.

We had planned to see the midnight showing on the Tuesday night, but our plans were foiled due to it not being scheduled. Then we were going to use her two for one coupons and only have to pay $5 a showing, when we found out that they don’t accept them for advance ticket sales. Grr. That seriously dampened our excitement.

However it wasn’t gone for very long.

As soon as the initial shock wore off, we were squeeing like the fan girls we are. To commemorate the moment, we took pictures of ourselves in front of the movie poster, outside of the theater. Unfortunately there were passersby and quite a few of them looked at us, and of course it made us laugh uncontrollably. It didn’t stop us though and for the sake of Twilight took them anyways. Passersby be damned.

Over all it was a highly enjoyable evening and I’m so glad Twi-Whore was there to experience it with me unlike last time this time.


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