Friday 5

First a big congratulations to Tasha and Chris on the birth of their baby girl Mackenzie Faith! I can’t wait to meet her!

Onto our regularly scheduled Friday 5, Control.

  1. When did you take time this week to play? Yesterday, I went to Melissa’s for dinner and played with the kids.
  2. This past week, what would you have liked to rewind so you could experience it again? The first time I heard the Eclipse soundtrack! Squee!
  3. What happened this week to give you pause? Worrying about a shutdown that’s not actually happening till August.
  4. From what situation this week would you have liked to eject yourself? Bills, bills, bills.
  5. In what situation this week did you cede power to someone else? Bills, bills, bills. And budgeting.

Thanks for participating, and may your week move in super slow-mo!


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