Twilight Tuesday

Three weeks has come and gone and Twi-Whore is finally home from her trek around South America. Unfortunately Fortunately she didn’t come across any of the Libishomen while she was there, but she did make the 4 day hike up to Machu Picchu, and that’s more than I could say for myself if I would have gone. Personally I would have taken the train and saved myself a lot of aches and pains, not to mention a possible heart failure from over exertion. Like the good Twi-Whore she is, Edward,of course, went along for the journey and seemed to enjoy himself. (Pictures to come later.)

Sunday evening we went on a date to see Iron Man 2, and were pleasantly surprised to see a preview of The Last Airbender. Of course we squeed when Jackson was on-screen, he’s just so delicious! After the movie we went for dessert and drinks at Moxies, and ended up staying till they closed while I filled her in on gossip, she told me about her trip and we, of course, talked Twilight.

Yesterday she came over to catch up on Vampire Diaries and watch Oprah that I saved for her, and today we’re finally getting to see The Runaways, I still can’t believe it took till May for it to come here.

It’s so nice to have her home again. I’m looking forward to morning texts and Twilight talks. Welcome back Twi-Whore!


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