Friday 5

Welcome to this weeks Friday 5, Oops.

  1. In the past month, what was your biggest OOPS? Turning up the bar fridge too high and having a pop can explode.
  2. In the past month, what inspired you to let out your most heartfelt WHEW? The day after I made a turkey. It turned out and I’ll never have to do it again.
  3. In the past month, what caused you to say, “HUH?” When I found out Mercy was cancelled. I don’t understand why such a great show can’t make it when such crap is on tv in its place.
  4. In the past month, what influenced the most ZZZZZZZZs? Half way through a story it got very boring. Quite disappointing.
  5. In the past month, what was most GRRRRRRRRR-worthy? Having an ex-friend out right lie to me.

Thanks for participating, and have a MMMMMMMMMMM kind of weekend!

A Very Sposh Anniversary

Never, when I started this blog, did I think it would make it to a year. I thought I’d start and maybe lose interest along the way. Instead I find myself trying to think of things to post, or come up with new thoughts to get out.

Even more, I’m amazed by the amount of people that read my blog. I don’t know where you come from, but I hope you keep coming back to read and comment. I love to hear what you have to say.

Here’s to you, the readers, for keeping me motivated and pushing me forward, and to another year, filled with life, Twilight and photography.

(Possibly more Twilight than life or photography)

Twilight Tuesday

I seem to be in a slump. Surprisingly not the book reading slump like usual, but a fanfic slump. I’m still reading the ones I had started way back when, but because they’re all waiting on updates, I feel the need to start something new.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried to start new ones over the past two or three weeks, but nothing has held my attention past the first chapter. I tried Edward Wallbanger, Bella Swan Kidnapper, and one other one but I can’t remember what it was called, to no avail.

I’m not really sure why nothing is clicking with me, and if it’s just because I’m reading so many right now and can’t seem to wrap my head around anything else? Or if it’s because the ones I’m reading are just so good that nothing can compare to them.

A few that I’m reading are about to wrap up and I’m going to need something to replace them, so I had better get started scouting for them soon.

Then again I could focus on real books! I do have Water For Elephants to read, and with all the yummy set pics of RPattz it’s sure to inspire me while I read it. Hmm. Maybe a fanfic slump is just what I need.

Friday 5

Here’s a random Friday 5.

  1. What is your favorite book and why? The Time Traveller’s Wife. The writing and the way it jumps back and forth in time make it very interesting to read.
  2. How many languages do you speak? Just English.
  3. How many family members do you have named Bill?, Jim? ETC? No Bill’s, and one Jim.
  4. Whats your all time favorite song? Not sure if I have a favourite song.
  5. What can’t you imagine your life without? My husband.