Twilight Tuesday

I am sad panda. Twi-Whore has left me for three weeks to trek across South America to search for the infamous Libishomen on a hike, and whatever else it is that she’s doing there.

It’s been weird to wake up and not have any random morning texts waiting from her. Also strange is not having one of our conversations through text about Twilight or something that pertains to it, however randomly it may seem. Like the conversation we had about the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

Twi-Whore: Too bad we don’t like scary movies. Kellan is in the new elm street one

Me: Omg really?! Maybe when it goes to the movie mill..and a night that Steve is home

Twi-Whore: Maybe. Or a night I could sleep over if you get that scared. Not sure if he’s a main character though

Me: What if he gets killed right away? We could just walk out and cut our losses lmao!

Twi-Whore: Yes we could. Cause really what would be the point of finishing??

Me: Exactly

Apparently she misses me already too, because she phoned the other night after being gone for only night, telling me that the girl she went with isn’t into Twilight and she has no one to Twi-out to. I guess they can’t all be as great as me.


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