Twilight Tuesday

After I read and watched New Moon again, and started Eclipse I began wondering if it was silly of me to be worried about not having the same feeling with the movie, as I get from the book. The chemistry between Bella and Jacob is so believable in the book and I really wonder if it’ll come across the same in the movie. What worries me most is because Eclipse is my favourite book in the series, I’m bound to be disappointed in the film version. It happens all the time. Especially because they can’t fit every thing into a two-hour time slot.

There are certain parts that I really would like to see left in, that I think add to the feel of the story, like the leg hitch, which, because I’m a big dirty whore, I know is in it. I’d really like to see the scene in class where Edward and Bella have a discussion about if the plane to Phoenix went down, what he would do to save them. It’s witty, and funny, and some good humor relief. Also the part where Bella punches Jacob and breaks her hand, the sex talk with Charlie and the ride to graduation with Edward in the back of Charlie’s police cruiser. I seriously laughed out loud when I read those parts.

Over all, as long as it’s better than Twilight was, and just as good as New Moon, it should be ok. I mean really what’s the worst that can happen? They give Jasper an even uglier wig? Oh wait, that’s already been done.


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