Twilight Tuesday

On Wednesday last week, I finished reading New Moon again (for the fourth time), and before I started it I was worried that the movie would skew my view on how I felt about Edward and Jacob. New Moon was the book that turned me into a team Jacob member, and always made me extremely mad at Edward, and after watching the movie countless 8 times and not being angry with Edward at the end I feared it would be the same with the books.

Strangely enough I don’t actually get mad at him till the end of the book. It’s not when he leaves Bella in the beginning at all that does it. It’s when he comes between her and Jacob, literally, at the end. In the movie, they didn’t have that at all, and it upset me to no end and made me furious with Bella.

But I digress, I was pleasantly surprised to find I was still angry with him! Not quite as much mind you but angry nonetheless. It really bothers me that he feels the need to hold her back from Jacob, when all she wants is to comfort him and ease his pain.

I know I’ll continue to grow angrier as I read the begining of Eclipse also and am now wondering if the movie will hold the same as well. If they don’t show Edward holding her back from Jacob and trying to keep her from him I will be severely disappointed.


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