Journey Into the Twilight Zone

Today Twi-Whore and I went on a much-needed road trip. Our destination was set for Fernie BC, to Island Lake Resort. We packed a lunch, our favourite boys, and armed ourselves with cameras.

We started out on the road at around 9:30, and by the time we got to Sparwood at around 11:30, and took some pictures it was freezing and snowy. We continued on through the snow and clouds, rocking out to 80’s music, and made it to Fernie to find that it was too icy and cold to go where we wanted.

We decided to drive around the town for a bit and check out the scenery before we took a pit stop and ate lunch. We pulled into a 7 eleven, then decided better of it and found a park. It was too cold so we ate in the car. Lunch consisted of tuna sandwiches, mesclune and fruit salads, along with asiago and artichoke dip with a french baguette. It was delicious.

After that we headed back to Blairmore for a quick drive around town where there was less snow but still a bit chilly. We saw the worlds largest piggy bank, and headed up to the Frank Slide interpretive center for a look around and if it weren’t quite so windy, we would have liked to check out the trails. After a few twitarded photo ops we headed back to the car and drove on to Lundbreck Falls for the rest of our lunch.

After that we were ready to head back home and amused ourselves with more 80’s and 90’s music for the drive. It was a nice and very much-needed outing that we’re definitely doing again in the near future. Thanks Twi-Whore for a great day!


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