Twilight Tuesday

Just when I thought I was out of my book slump, I came across a few more fics, and poof, I was back. It started with The Submissive and The Dominant by tara sue me. After those two I started The Training by the same author and was caught up with all 20 current chapters in two days.

Now that I have to wait for updates on all 5 of the current fics I’m reading, I wondered what to do and decided to read more. I had a recommendation for one similar to the ones written by tara sue me called All of Me by an author called flibbins. It turned out to be very good and the characters are quite different. I burned through that one quickly, and put it with the rest waiting for updates.

In the meantime, I had pulled out a new book, wanting to start it, and after two chapters had to put it back. It seems to be a pattern with me lately. Read a few fics, wait for updates, read a book. Read a few fics, wait for updates, read a book. I swear it’s a never-ending cycle, and with all the good fics out there, plus the fact that I want to read Twilight again before June, I think all my books are going to keep collecting dust for a while. C’est la vie.


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