Twilight Tuesday

In November, when New Moon was released, and the trailer for Remember Me was played before the movie, I realised that the Eclipse trailer would more than likely play before Remember Me. Since then Twi-Whore and I have been anxiously awaiting the Remember Me release.

Then comes Wednesday last week. The ten second teaser for the Eclipse trailer is released, and while I had to wait all damn day for Twi-Whore to get off work and come over to watch it, it was worth it. There was so much promise in such a small amount of time.

Thursday comes and while not quite as anxious, I was still very excited for the full trailer release. Twi-Whore came over; we watched it; and a little disappointment followed.

Where were the newborns? Where was the action? Where was the leg hitch?! For something I’ve been looking forward to for over three months, you’d think it would be more exciting than that. I found it to be quite anticlimactic. Even the clips of Victoria (who really should not have been recast) were quite boring.

Again I thought, maybe it’ll be better on the big screen and it’ll make a difference. Nope. Not at all. Still disappointment followed. It was the same trailer, with the same anticlimactic ending, only bigger.

I’m just hoping that the next trailer they release will have a bit more…something.


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