Twilight Tuesday

Even with all the new Details magazine pictures out there, it feels like I just can’t seem to get a good Twi-fix. Sure there’s always fan fics, but those only go so far, especially when two end at the same time. Then there’s the waiting for updates, and those always seem to occur infrequently and in sync, no matter what I’m reading.

To make matters worse Twi-Whore has forbidden me from watching Twilight till the New Moon release. I know she’s only doing it cause she’s trying to get back at me for not letting her go see New Moon again the week before it ended. She plays dirty. Must be why I hate love her.

Plus there’s all the photos of the supposed leg hitch, and while I shouldn’t have, I accidentally on purpose saw them. All of them. And they were hot, and now I’m attempting to regrow my Eclipse Twymen, again. How I’m going to last till the end of June, I have no idea. However, I do know that watching the trailer does not, a Twymen, break. When we go to Remember Me on March 13, I’m sure we’ll squee louder than anyone else in the theater, if anyone does, in fact, squee.

So while I impatiently wait for Remember Me to premier, the Eclipse trailer to show and my Twymen to regrow, I’ll have to keep reading my fan fics, and look at leg hitch photos to get my fix. And my plethora of Rob porn. Yes. That should do it. I hope.


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