Twilight Tuesday

I’m certain, Twi-Whore is trying to corrupt me. I personally, think 6 times is more than enough times to see New Moon at the theater. I mean really! The other day Twi-Whore was over for girls night, and she mentioned seeing New Moon again before it leaves theaters. At first I was completely against it. Trying to tell her to watch Twilight if she needs a fix, and it won’t be exciting, when it comes out on DVD, if we see it anymore times.

After a while though I started to really think about it. It has been a while since I saw it, and maybe, just maybe, we should go watch it again. That was when I realised she’s trying to corrupt me and turn me into a big dirty whore. I told her okay NO! We need to wait, and I can get her through this, like she had gotten me through the script leak. It may be hard to do, but this too will pass.

So far it’s been easy, unlike her when it comes to anything Twi or Rob related.


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