Friday 5

Welcome to this week’s Friday 5, Fried Day 5.

  1. When you come home from a long day of whatever it is you do and your brain is totally fried, what therapy do you normally seek? Mindless computering. Or tv, or Guitar Hero.
  2. Of the myriad of desserts made primarily of fried dough, what is your favorite? All I can think of is funnel cakes and doughnuts. Since I’m not a huge fan of doughnuts I’ll say funnel cakes.
  3. Most fried foods are best right out of the fryer, but what’s a fried food that you enjoy cold? Doughnuts.
  4. What’s the most unusual deep-fried food you’ve ever tried? I haven’t tried any of the weird ones but I did want to try a deep fried cheesecake.
  5. Where can you get really good French fries? White Spot! Or Red Dog Diner.

Thanks for participating, and have a terrific weekend!


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