Romance For The Cynical

I’m a cynical person. I have a heart of stone. I’m sarcastic and ridiculously not spontaneous. That being said, it would be nice to have a little romance now and then. I’m not talking love letters, or moonlight serenades, cause frankly I think I’d laugh in your face. It doesn’t have to be over the top or expensive. A little planning goes along way. Just put some thought into it.

Flowers, a nice dinner, even if it’s cooked at home with effort, along with a beautiful presentation would be nice. Maybe add some candles and dress up. Make a big deal out of it. A picnic on the floor by a fire, with delicious food and some nice music.

I’ve always wanted flowers delivered to me for some reason. I think that’s romantic. It seems so much more thought has gone into it than just bringing flowers home.

To me, romance is the effort put into the planning, the mood created is the result.


3 thoughts on “Romance For The Cynical

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