Twilight Tuesday

Twilight is amazing, right? The sparkling vampires, the venom, the “vegetarianism”. It’s what makes Twilight, Twilight. I thought why not expand my horizons and try reading the True Blood series as well. So I did. Sort of.

I started the first book, Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris, and got about half way through. It was actually good, and I kind of got into it, when I realised it was skewing my view on Vampires as a whole. I didn’t like that. These vampires didn’t sparkle, they had blood in their veins, and were burned by silver. Yes they drank synthetic blood, but they were “out of the coffin” so to speak, people knew about their existence. They slept during the day, and couldn’t go in the sunlight. Everything just seemed wrong.

It was funny also because I’d heard before that Stephenie Meyer had ripped off the series, and after reading half of the first book I can see why. I’m sure other people have talked about this to death (pun intended), so I won’t say much. The whole reversal of mind reading is completely obvious, and the drinking of synthetic blood and “vegetarianism”? Come on! What I found really strange though, although subtle, was the use of the name Hale. It’s the grandmother’s maiden name in the True Blood series, and Rosalie’s last name in Twilight. Coincidence? I think not.

So while I may have enjoyed the series before Twilight came into my life, I’ve decided to hold off. Not just on this one but on Vampires as a whole*. Because really, nothing beats a perfect brooding, sparkling Vampire like Edward, or Jasper, or Emmett for that matter.

*Unless of course it’s the Vampire Diaries, cause that show is all kinds of delicious.


4 thoughts on “Twilight Tuesday

  1. “They slept during the day and couldn’t go out in the sunlight. Everything just seemed wrong.” And by “wrong” you mean how vampires have been in lore and legend since people first started talking about them. But, I don’t know, maybe you have a phobia of sparkles or something, which would explain why you want to defang the vamps.

  2. Definitely not a phobia of sparkles! In fact quite the opposite. I think I just love Stephenie Meyer’s version of vampires so much more that any other version seems wrong to me.

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