Twilight Tuesday

6. That’s the number of times Twi-Whore and I have seen New Moon so far. Each time I see it I hate Bella more and more. I started to wonder why exactly that is then, that I love the books so much, despite the fact that it’s told from her perspective.

I realised that it was the small, subtle things that they changed in New Moon, and KStew in particular*, that bugged me the most. The twitchy, stuttery acting, which granted, wasn’t as awful as it was in Twilight, often couldn’t get me past seeing her as opposed to Bella. The way she left Jake when Alice showed up, and again when she left him to go save Edward. That part always did bother me in the books, seeing as I’m very team Jacob, at least till Breaking Dawn.

But in New Moon, the movie, it really stems down to the end. When Edward is supposed to hold her back from Jacob because he’s “not safe for her to be around”, and she has to peer around him to talk to Jake, they made a major fuck up in my opinion. Instead of Edward holding her back, she asked him to “read his mind, is he going to hurt me?”, and just went to Jacob. That was my whole basis for being mad at Edward in the books! Now it’s Bella’s fault for hurting Jacob directly, and not inadvertently, like it was meant to be in the book. For me it changes the whole series, how I feel about Edward in general, my love for Jacob, and it makes me wonder how they’re going to work that out when Eclipse comes out.

 Maybe I’ll just have to read the books again to dissipate the way I feel about her, Jacob and Edward in particular.

*Speaking of KStew. The part where she’s in the water, and see’s Victoria, she’s up against a rock and starts flailing around like a total tard, drives me insane! What the hell is she doing?!


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