Twilight Tuesday

I love RPattz. I really do. But lately I’ve been leaning a bit more toward Jacksper. Jackson Rathbone is unmistakably hot, both as Jasper and in real life. Seeing him perform in 100 Monkeys is spine tingling. One of my new favourite songs is Ugly Girl.

I’m also loving reading fic’s with more of a focus on Jasper and especially from his point of view. Tropic of Gemini is a really refreshing change from Edward’s point of view. This Jasper is extremely interesting too. Very much a philosophical, eclectic personality. Another favourite Jasper of mine is in Times New Roman.

One of the many reasons I’m excited for Eclipse is that there will be more Jasper (hopefully with a better wig). We get to hear his story, and see him teach the vamps and wolves to fight against the newborns. I loved him in New Moon and I can’t wait to see more of him! Really, the more the better! Now for some gratuitous Jacksper photos.



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