Friday 5

This week’s Friday 5 is The Middle.

  1. What film have you seen in the past year that’s completely average? The Proposal. It was ok, not great, not horrible.
  2. Who’s the most average-looking person you know? Not sure I want to incriminate myself by naming someone.
  3. In what area of your life are you performing just well enough? Cleaning I guess, so housekeeping? I do it well enough to get by, but can’t seem to find the motivation to really do a thorough clean.
  4. A new radio station features music you neither like nor dislike! What are three songs you’re likely to hear on it? I don’t know if I even know the names! There’s that new 12-year-old kid that has a pop song out. It’s catchy but not good. There’s probably one by Karl Wolf, but I’m  not sure of the name. Oh and another one, something about on a dance floor. Not sure of the name or who sings it. It’s ok.
  5. What game or sport are you just okay in? Seriously? A sport that I’m okay in? I don’t think one exists honestly. Now a game, that’s different. I’m okay at some strategy games and better at others but can’t think of an actual game.

Thanks for participating, and have a better-than-middling weekend!


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