Twilight Tuesday

Welcome to this week’s Twilight Tuesday, or, my Revirginization for Eclipse. I decided after watching the many many previews for New Moon a few months ago, that I would forego the spoilers and set photos to get revirginized for Eclipse. Really I’m doing this for two reasons. First for the anticipation. It’s like a virgin on a wedding day. You’ve thought about the act your whole life (well maybe not your whole life), and the day finally comes and the lead up and anticipation is almost as good, if not better than the act itself. Second the excitement, everything’s more exciting when you have to wait for anything. Take Christmas morning, you wake up with all the wonder and excitement of opening something that you don’t know what it is, and the thought of seeing something you’ve never seen is just so exciting, and I think it will enhance the anticipation. I’ve thought this through, and think I may be able to do it. I am not a patient person by any means, nor do I claim to be! I’ve also presented this idea to Twi-Whore, to only watch officially released trailers and previews, and she’s agreed to revirginize with me.

In doing this together we also agreed to wait to watch any previews for the first time together, and maybe video tape our reactions to them, which we think would be highly amusing. We also think that when we have our date for Remember Me, which is already planned, might I add, for March, that there will be an Eclipse preview. So in reality, we only have to wait till March to see a preview. Not that bad.

And so begins the long wait, the anticipation, and excitement of our Twilight revirginization. We dedicate it to you, Edward Cullen, the original 107 year old virgin. Wish us luck.


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