It’s My Birthday!

At least it feels like it is! Today I’m braving the throng of teen fangirls with Twi-Whore to go see New Moon. It feels like I’ve waited years for this day, when in reality it’s barely been a year. I’ve done my best to not hear or read any reviews so I don’t have anymore preconceived notions than I already do. So I’m venturing out into the wild, armed with my phone, so I can read fanfic, and my iPod set to the New Moon soundtrack to get in the mood, while I stand in line and secure wicked seats. Wish me luck, I might need it!


One thought on “It’s My Birthday!

  1. I just watched New Moon and I must say that I am not as happy as the first one. Even though more money was put in, it still didn`t wow me. Firstly, I thought that the scenes were slightly choppy and under developed. Secondly, they needed to spend more time on the scripts, coaching the actors and finding less distracting hair and makeup. Although this won’t hurt the die hards, it may hurt the retention of the newbies. I will say that I did enjoy the music and after I came home, I did download the soundtrack. Anyways, I will see the next movie, but am disappointed in the second in the series.

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