Twilight Tuesday

On Saturday Twi-Whore and I had a Twilight party celebrating the release of New Moon in two weeks. I decorated the downstairs with candles, framed quotes from the movie, apples, the Twilight books, and of course, feathers! We ordered a special cake (chocolate) from Crazy Cakes with the Cullen Crest on it and the flower from the New Moon cover on top. We made a menu fitting the theme that included a veggie tray (because they’re vegetarians), red popcorn, Vampire’s Kiss martini’s, and Harry Clearwater’s home-made fish fry* (fish and chips). We also included an Oriental Party Pack from M&M’s cause it’s so delicious.

We set the Twilight mood listening to the Twilight soundtrack, and did a little photo shoot with some fake vampire fangs, while wearing our Team Jacob shirts. After, we sat down and watched two episodes of Vampire Diaries to start things off. When we saw a preview of New Moon during commercials, we both squeed and watched it three or four times! Next came The Haunted Airman, starring none other than Robert Pattinson. I will tell you right now I have no idea what the movie is about, but we watched him intently through the entire thing, rewinding it at certain points just to see the smexy parts that we wanted to watch over and over. Like when he’s getting a massage and grips the headboard tighter and moans……. Where was I? Anyways, the ending was a bit creepy and other than the freaky spiders it was hot!

After watching that, getting a few more drinks and dinner ready, we were set to watch the feature attraction. Twilight. Even though we talked almost all the way through the movie it was still so good! We followed up with watching the bits and pieces of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that Cedric, aka RPattz, was in. What a nice way to end the night.

Sunday morning when we got up, after making breakfast, we watched the Last Unicorn to finish off the experience. It doesn’t get much better than that. Unless of course RPattz was really here, or we got to watch New Moon, or watch New Moon with RPattz here…sigh.

* I splattered the plates with ketchup so it looked like blood splatters.


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