Guts, and Seeds, and Pieces, Oh My!

It’s the week before Halloween, and the time to carve scary faces, and spooky things out of pumpkins is upon us. Yesterday the kids and I, (with Melissa’s help) carved pumpkins. Austin and Shayla decided to draw their own designs on the pumpkins and cut them out while I went the more traditional route and picked a stencil. Austin’s was a big spider, that would have had a dozen legs if Melissa hadn’t have stepped in and helped out. Shayla opted for a bat and moon drawing, which I must say was rather good. I picked a pumpkin witch cause it was oh so cute!

After everything was cut out and wiped down we took them outside to light them up. I think they turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! As I was leaving for home I grabbed my pumpkin to take with me, as I picked it up, the eyes and top of the mouth promptly fell out. C’est la vie! At least I got pictures right?


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