Fall In the Okanagan

I’m finally back from my trip to BC. I had a wonderful time visiting family and friends while I was gone. Melissa and I left Thursday morning, bright and early, and after a few bumpy starts we finally got to our destination. She dropped me off in Armstrong to visit my mom and aunts while she headed into Kelowna to visit a friend.

Thursday night was relaxing with homemade perogies for dinner, visiting in the hot tub and an early bed time. Friday followed with a beautiful drive through the mountains and winding roads, looking at all the fall colors. Friday evening was dinner out at Whitespot with mom, and some shopping. We spent Saturday visiting with one of my other aunts and doing some more shopping and looking around, then back home for cabbage rolls for dinner. Yum!

Sunday I went into Kelowna with a quick stop at my Grandpa’s on the way. I visited with Melissa and Gab at Jeff and Trista’s new house and stayed the night. Monday Trista and I did the mall, then decided last minute to go take some photos at Mission Hill Winery for a couple hours before the boys got out of school for the day. It was beautiful! The colors were fantastic and the architecture was fabulous!

After that, we picked up the kids and I met Melissa and Gab back at Trista’s to go to Brandt’s Creek Pub for wing night with another friend, then back to Gab’s for night.

Tuesday we left again bright dark and early, to get a good start on our trip home. We decided to go the back way home instead of our regular route, and take a detour at the Kokanee Plant. The mountainous climbs were hard on her little car but we finally made it to Creston for the Kokanee tour, just in time for the next one to start. We saw how they made and packaged the beer, and got to sample one afterwards.

Another stop at a bakery for lunch and some snacks and we were on our way again. After hitting construction for half an hour we finally got going again and made it home right at 9:00. It was a fun trip but I’m so glad to be home.


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