Twilight Tuesday

In anticipation of the movie, I’m reading New Moon again, for the third time. I am extremely excited for this one to come out, especially because my boyfriend Jacob is in the majority of the film. As I’m reading it though, I’m hoping for some differences from Twilight. One – I hope we don’t see RPattz’s “smell the fart” acting like we did so often in Twilight. As much as I love him, his pained expression was just too often shown. Two – The cheesy special effects of the Vamps, like running, jumping and such. It looked like bad 80’s movie effects. Three and Four – Jessica Stanley and Mike Newton. Please don’t let them be in the movie that much. Other than the scenes at the theaters in Port Angeles first with Jessica, then with Jacob and Mike later, and maybe a scene or two at Mike’s store, I think they can basically cut them out of the movie all together. That being said, I’ve got my ticket to paradise, and that paradise includes a certain werewolf and a very sexy vampire.

New Moon


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