Twilight Tuesday

Twi-Whore is on holidays to England, (where she’s hoping to run into RPattz, which we all know won’t happen cause he’s in Vancouver filming Eclipse) so that leaves me lonely when it comes to discussing Twi – related things. Take for example Saturday. Such a wonderful day, only slightly marred by the fact that I had no one to squee with when I found out New Moon tickets were on sale. Then when I actually went and bought them I had to squee to Steve who stood there and rolled his eyes at me while I tried very hard to calm down, so he wouldn’t think I was crazier than he already did. Now if Twi-Whore was here, I wouldn’t have to calm down. We’d probably be jumping up and down in the middle of the mall, peeing our selves, like we’d just been graced with RPattz’s holy presence. It’s been a week since she left and I’m not entirely certain but I believe she’s going to be gone for another full week. I am in serious need of a good squee with someone who gets it, and understands, and will squee back with me. Twi-Whore, come home!


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