Twilight Tuesday

A couple weeks ago we had one of Steve’s work couples over. The wife had seen my copy of Twilight that I was re-re-reading, and asked if I was excited about the new movie coming out? I had a sheepish grin on my face, I’m sure, looked at Steve, and said “I don’t know? Do think I am?” and giggled. He just rolled his eyes and said I was rediculously robsessed obsessed.

Just to prove his point I’ll let you know that I still have the MTV Movie Awards on my DVR, set to the first New Moon preview, with a lock so that Steve can’t erase it. Now I have the new New Moon preview, as well, on my DVR from the MTV VMA’s, with a lock again. I think I’ve watched them both about 100 times. And each time is equally as magical.

With only 58 days left till the premier, I’ve started planning a Twilight party with my Twi-whore friend. Menu items will include Vampire’s Kiss Martini’s, red cookies, and Harry Clearwater’s Fish Fry. We have the events and viewings planned out, and I’m working on decorations. I guess it’s not really a “party” with only two people attending, but this way we can squee as much as we like and not worry about others judging our extreme levels of twitardedness.

I leave you now with the most glorious 6 minutes known to twidom. The New Moon preview mashup.


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