Things I Love Monday

  • Guitar Hero 5. I think this is by far one of the best Guitar Hero games out there! The track list is amazing, and the downloadable contest is fantastic!
  • My new iPod! When I first got it on Thursday I wanted to throw it out the window, cause it was so frustrating. After I figured it out though, I absolutely love it! I have over 400 songs on it and a ton of pictures of certain people from a certain movie that will remain nameless. 😉
  • Cold weather. And rain! Yesterday it was a nice rainy fall day. Oh how I miss the cool air! I’ve been so looking forward to the start of fall and we haven’t yet had a good taste of it.
  • Sweaters and hoodies, long jeans with boots, plaid, and sweater dresses.
  • My fauxhawk. I started wearing my hair in a fauxhawk and after playing around for a while I loved it! It’s very emo, and totally different from anything I would normally ever do.

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