Twilight Tuesday

I’m sure that all the Twihards that stumble upon this post are expecting to hear about the new New Moon trailer, and how much I squeed about it, (which of course I did, I think I even almost peed my pants, and Heather cried while watching!). But this is about something entirely different. This post is dedicated to my new fabulous unicorn hoodie. While shopping on Friday I came across a “design your own shirt” kiosk. I always thought about doing one but never knew what to make. Of course my first thought was Twilight. When they said they didn’t have anything like that a light bulb went off. Unicorns! Of course they must have unicorns! I asked and looked and sure enough they did! I decided to buy my own shirt so I could be sure of the size and how I liked it. So off to Old Navy I went. I ended up buying a royal blue (Edward’s favourite color) t-shirt hoodie. Because of the v-neck I thought it would be best to put the unicorn on the back. That’s when I thought about putting a saying or something on it. But what? So I called up my Twi-whore friend and consulted with her over it. We both decided on Macadamia Unicorns because that’s the name of the chapter in Wide Awake. Then the font. As I was looking at the fonts and what they looked like, I saw it. The perfect font. Edwardian! 15 minutes later I picked it up, and it was perfect! Unless you’re Twitarded and are a Wide Awake fan you won’t know what it means, and that’s perfect! I love obscurity. Now I have a fabulous shirt to wear, when I squee like a ten year old girl who just saw the Jonas Brothers walk by, as I watch New Moon.

Macadamia Unicorns


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