Today is my birthday. I feel old. Achey and tired. Yesterday we had my party at Lloyds Rollerskating. It was so fun! Almost all of our friends were there, and all the kids. I haven’t been rollerskating since I was maybe 14 or 15, and it showed. It took me a long time to be able to keep my balance without holding onto the walls or railings and I only fell once. So all in all not too bad. The kids loved it! Austin would fall everytime he stood up and he had the biggest perma grin on his face anyways. Shayla did really well also, not needing to hold onto anything by the time we were ready to leave. Chandra’s kids did well also, but I think they’ve been before. My cake was beyond perfect! It was everything I was wanting and looked exactly like I pictured it in my head. Plus it was delicious! After skating we went to the Cheesecake Cafe for dinner, and that was so good too. Then back to Chandra’s for drinks and visiting. Today we met my brother and his family at the new Cross Iron Mills Mall for lunch and shopping. The kids are getting so big and baby Fish is just adorable. After that we headed home for relaxing and good tv. It doesn’t feel like another decade has passed by but then again it never does.


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