Friday 5

This week’s Friday 5 is Bottles.

  1. When did you last drink something out of a glass bottle? Must have been ages ago…probably a cooler?
  2. Whose energy would you like to bottle for those future listless days? One of the kids. I think Austin has the most energy. He’s always bouncing around.
  3. How many plastic bottles are there in your shower, and what’s in them? 8. They have shampoo and conditioner and body wash.
  4. Who in your life could be described as lightning in a bottle? Tyler? He can go off at any minute lol.
  5. You’re playing Spin-the-Bottle with your sixth-grade classmates. When it’s your turn, to whom do you want the bottle pointing? In sixth-grade? I think I liked Todd or Dustin. Probably Todd.

Thanks for participating and have a loooong (neck) summer!


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