Twilight Tuesday

So for whatever reason I’ve become Robsessed with all forms of Edward. There’s Vampward (of course), Geekward, Darkward, Assward, and Rockward to name a few. One of my favourites is Rockward. He’s kind of a mix between Darkward and Assward. I’ve even made my own version of Rockward on my Guitar Hero game.*giggles at self* I know it’s silly but I just couldn’t resist. My band name is Sparkling Unicorns (I thought it was fitting), and Edward plays lead guitar. Sometimes I find myself missing notes that I should have been hitting because I can’t stop watching him play. I’m starting to wonder if my Robsession has gone too far. But then I think of all the other things people do when they’re Robsessed with Twilight, and think maybe, just maybe, I might be able to escape the clutches of the men in white suits coming to take me to the funny farm. But until that day comes I’m going to rock out with Edward, and maybe drool a little on my guitar while I miss a few easy notes.


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