Alice, I Think

For months now I’ve been considering chopping my hair off. I’d say since around March even. I wasn’t quite ready before now though. Yesterday I was scheduled in to have a cut and perm with my hair stylist (who’s fabulous by the way), when she phoned me and said that because I had very recently had anesthesia, that a perm wasn’t going to hold. For whatever reason, anesthetic stays in your system for possibly up to 8 weeks or even longer, and effects a perm or color. So I decided to keep my appointment and just get a cut, I needed one really badly. As I was sitting here thinking about it, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do a drastic cut. I wanted something short and pixieish, cute and kind of messy. I looked around and found this picture.

I loved it! Exactly what I was looking for. So I took it in with me and said to chop it off! She was stunned I think for a moment. It’s been so long since I’ve gone from long to short hair, that I forgot what it was like! There was so much hair piled up on the floor! Even before it was done I knew I loved it. She showed me how to style it, and what products to use. Afterwards it totally reminded me of Alice hair, from Twilight. I told my resident Twi-buddy and she totally agreed, and said I’d have to convert to being a Jacksper lover now. I know only her and I would think that’s funny, but still. So here I am, with short Alice hair, loving every inch centimeter of it!





One thought on “Alice, I Think

  1. Just randomly stumbled on your blog!

    Love the hair-do!! It totally suits you, and lovin’ the Alice inspiration! She’s one of my favorite Cullens 🙂

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