Twilight Tuesday

At the moment, sadly, I only have one other person to geek with about Twilight (I will not name names, even though most people know who it is), so I turn to the many, many, blogs to get my fix. My favourite is Twitarded with Jenny Jerkface and Snarkier Than You. They give a commentary and opinion that isn’t full of rumors and gossip about the stars and movies. They talk about things in their everyday normal life and somehow make it relate to Twilight, and sometimes (more often than not) they just talk about RPattz, and his vampsicle. Some of my favourite posts are the emails they send to each other from work, or to and from their family (Sister Snarky and Mommy (Not a) Jerkface), trying to convert them to the world of Twi. Some successful, some not. It’s hilarious, and refreshing. It’s a nice change from all the Twi-gossip out there. Keep up the good blogging ladies!



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