Friday 5

Aloha, and welcome to this weeks Friday 5, States.

Today, Hawaii commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of its admission to the United States of America. It is a day of celebration for some, while for others it is a day of mourning. This week, the Friday 5 sidesteps the controversy but marks the day with five questions about statehood!

  1. Who in your life is most likely at any time to be in a state of confusion? My Auntie Barb lol
  2. Some people have described nirvana as a state of perfect nothingness. Which of the fifty United States could best be described as a state of perfect nothingness? I’m really not sure
  3. When were you last asked to state your name and address? When I checked into an account over the phone
  4. How many of the United States have you been in? One
  5. Why does it seem harder to maintain a positive state of mind than to maintain a negative state of mind? Negativity comes so much easier. Especially when there’s such hard times right now.

Thanks for participating, and have a warm aloha Friday!


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