What have I done again?

I’ve agreed to go camping again tomorrow for Tyler’s birthday. I really don’t know what possesses me to make these agreements and decisions. I think I must be a glutton for punishment. In exchange for camping again, I gave Steve a stipulation. He had to watch Twilight with me, in the afternoon, no sleeping, dozing or resting of any kind. I think he seriously thought about not doing it! After three days of thinking and debating about it, he actually watched it with me. When I asked him what he thought, he said he’s seen worse and he could understand how girls/women would like it. Anyways, enough about Twilight, this time we’re going camping at Enchant, and aparantly there’s flushing toilets and hot showers. Already sounds better than the last place! I hear there’s also a lake, which is probably a *“lake”. Melissa told Shayla that I was going and she squealed and is now very excited (I’m the only one who plays with the kids in the water). So I’m sure I’ll blog all about it when I get back and post pictures.

* “Lake” is my term for a man-made lake. It is a body of water that is not natually occuring.


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