Friday 5

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Friday 5, Tolerance!

  1. How’s your tolerance for alcohol? Not very high
  2. How’s your tolerance for noisy neighbors? Very low
  3. How’s your tolerance for physical pain? Right now…surprisingly well
  4. How’s your tolerance for intolerant people? Not very good
  5. How’s your tolerance for bad music? Alright I suppose

Thanks for participating, and have a tolerable weekend!


Toofees Update

I got a call from the dental office this morning telling me that our insurance did indeed go through, and our portion is signifigantly lower! Also to let me know that they have an opening for tomorrow at 2:30, and did I want to take it? What did I say? Hale Yes! While I’m very scared to go and be put under, I’ve also never been excited to have a tooth extraction before. I suppose there’s a first for everything.


“The time has come!” the walrus said, “To talk of many things.” Unfortunately for me it’s not of shoes, and ships, and ceiling wax, or whether pigs have wings. It’s of teeth, and pain, and drugs, and whether we have enough dental insurance to cover wisdom tooth extractions. The last time I remember being at the dentist I was 16. They had told me I needed to have my wisdom teeth removed because it would ruin my dental work. I had a very healthy fear of the dentist by then, learning quickly that a trip to the dentist would only leave you in worse pain than you started out with. I remember somewhat laughing at them when they told me it was optional, and basically telling them,hell no! Do I regret it? Not really. Fast forward to today. This weekend I was holed up in bed with T3’s and Ketorolac, which by the way weren’t doing much for help, in excruciating pain in the left side of my jaw. I finally conclude that my wisdom teeth have got to come out. Today I went to see a dentist, terrified that he’d do something to make my teeth hurt even more than they did. Surprisingly I left unscathed. They took x-rays of my jaw, and I didn’t have to bite on some uncomfortable plastic thingy! He didn’t even ask me to “open wide”, he looked at my x-ray, told me what needed to be done, filled out a couple prescriptions, and sent me on my way. I have an appointment next Thursday to have all 4, yes, all 4, wisdom teeth pulled. I’m a little less scared knowing I’m being put under for it, but never the less, still afraid.

At least I tried

Isn’t that all you can ask? That I try? Well, I did. Twice. I tried camping again this week and still came to the conclusion that I hated it. While it may be fun to hang out and roast marshmallows and wieners over a fire, the bugs and dirt that go along with it are just not for me. I will admit that the flush-able toilets were a definite step up from a stinky out house, and had I gone to the cleaner, bug free, bathroom it would have been even better! And while I some what enjoyed the rare, bug-free moments and captured some good photos; camping is just not in me, and I’m ok with that.

So Beautiful

What can I say about a beautiful little girl, who’s growing up so fast. Trying to come into her own. She tries so hard to rebel against the girly stereo-types cast upon her. She’s an amazing artist. Full of wit and charm. You’re a wonderful niece, and I wouldn’t change one thing about you. You are so beautiful. I am so proud to be your Auntie, and I love you more than you’ll ever know.