What Have I Done? Part 2

So I’m back home. I made it. An extra day even. I don’t think I’d do that again though. So here’s what happened. Saturday morning we drove up, it was a beautiful day out! Sunny, and hot. After we unpacked and got settled Steve and Melissa built a fire and Melissa made smokies for lunch. BJ and her family were camping there too, so we spent some time visiting with them and followed them down to the river for fishing and tubing. By then it was really hot out so I went in the river. Holy crap was it cold! Once you got used to it though it wasn’t bad. We stayed down there for quite a while; a couple hours I think. Back to the camp site we go. Dinner was delicious! Perogies with onion and farmer sausage over the fire. After the kids went to bed we sat around and ate smores while visiting. That’s when it got bad. Let me first say that I am scared of thunder storms. I know it’s silly, but I am. There was a HUGE thunderstorm! And I mean huge! I’ve never in my life seen one that bad. It was so loud it shook the trailer, and I could hear it through my ear plugs.

The next day everyone was tired from lack of sleep, and everything was wet. We finally got the fire started and made breakfast sandwiches with eggs, bacon and cheese. Yum! After cleaning was done and everyone was dressed, we piled in the cars and went into town to go do a coal mine tour. It was cold and fun and interesting. After that we stopped at a few stores to pick up some stuff for dinner and whatnot, and went for lunch. I was tired and needed a nap, and it was yucky out, so we went back to the site so I could lay down. After a while I got up and went with Tyler to go mudding, and off roading. We found some good trails and some not so good ones too. By the time we got back to camp it was time to start dinner. Steak and potatoes. After dinner we put the kids to bed and made bush pies. I went to bed and not long after Melissa came in for something. She felt something moving in her jeans and reached in and pulled out a huge beetle! It was a good two inches long! So gross! I was glad I was leaving in the morning.

This morning I was anxious to get going so we packed up and left early. I’ve never been so happy to come home to civilization, toilets that flushed and a shower!


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