Fan Girl

Unicorns, cookies, Robsessed, twitarded, twihards, OME, what the hale?, and squee, are just some of the lingo associated with the fangirls of Twilight. I. Am. A. Fangirl. I admit it. I even still have the MTV awards on my dvr, set to where the New Moon trailer starts. Every time Steve sees it on there he asks me when I’m going to delete it? Lol. He really should know better by now. I think I’ve watched it around 10-12 times already. When I first saw it I actually screamed out loud! Of course I laughed at myself, because that’s just ridiculous. While most girls typically go for Edward, I prefer my Jacob. Don’t get me wrong, I love Edward! But Jacob…mmm. He’s hot and sweet and angsty, all wrapped up in wolfy goodness. Sometimes I’ll just look through pictures online and ogle him. My poor husband. He just doesn’t get it.


Then there’s the books. OME. The books are just fantastic. So much better than the movie, other than the fact that you can’t oogle Edward and Jacob, or Jacksper, and watch all the scenes play out. I actually read Twilight in one day. That’s right. One. Day. Then I saw the movie the same day. Lol. There’s just something about them. I couldn’t put them down. I found myself reaching for them even after I was finished. I’d go to work and have withdrawals and think about Edward and Jacob. I’ve already read them twice and plan to read them again soon, before the new movie comes out in November.


Then along comes Wide Awake. A fanfic novel. I’d never even considered the community of fan fiction before. A friend of a friend introduced me to it in January, I believe. It’s an alternate universe, all human story with the same characters, minus a few. It’s angsty, and smutty, and fabulous! It has Dark Edward and Cookie Bella. This is the Edward that I love. He’s dirty and cranky, and doesn’t give a fuck about anything but Bella. I’ve actually found myself swearing more because of this book! I’ve become just as, if not more, robsessed with it as Twilight. It’s close to completion, with chapter 50 and the prologue being written as we speak. I check every day, multiple times, to see if it has yet been posted. There are rumors however that it’s to be updated tomorrow. Oh happy day when it does! I’m sure that I’m not alone when I say I’m hoping for multiple unicorns! It was updated this evening, with an extra two chapters to come hopefully before the end of the month. Mmm smutty goodness. Bring on the unicorns!

Wide Awake


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