Here’s a bit of randomness I’ve been looking at or thinking about. First is TuckerMax.com. Seriously one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time! This guy is seriously one of the worst people on the planet, but his stories are insanely hilarious! My personal favourite is “Tucker tries buttsex, hilarity does not ensue”, which of course, it does, very much.

Second. I, am a geek. That’s right, I fully admit it. I’m incredibly and rediculously over excited for the new Harry Potter movie. I’ve even had my ticket for almost two weeks now! This was my favourite of all the books, and ever since I read it I’ve been waiting to see it visualized. After seeing the trailers I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. 

Third. I permed my hair! I planned to do it last year at one point and even had my appointment made. The night before I had a panic attack in the middle of the night about it and cancelled last minute. This time I promised my hairdresser that I would not be repeating last years events, and went through with it. Can I just say that I absolutely love it?! I have curly hair! It’s big and bouncy and fun! It’s like beach hair. Shiny Fucking Curls


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