Of Cars and Hot Water

We thought the worst had happened on Wednesday last week when we found out about our car and my job. Not so. Bad things alway happen in threes, I always say. Saturday our hot water tank went. I found out in the middle of my shower, which was slowly getting colder and colder. I called Trista to come help me start  the pilot light, with no success might I add. The owners came and couldn’t start it either. So Sunday and Monday I showered at Melissa’s, across the road, hoping in would be fixed on Monday at some point. No. It is now Wednesday and five days have gone by without hot water. My house is a mess and dishes are piled up on top of the ones in the dishwasher.  After being on the phone back and forth all day yesterday we finally found someone to fix it today! Hooray for hot water! Update – It’s fixed and we now have hot water!

About the car. We’ve been trying to figure out how we would like to go about getting a desperately needed new car. Yesterday Jeff came over and told us that our car started! Ugh! I didn’t want to hear that. I was sure that Steve wouldn’t want to deal with getting a new car if ours was running, (even though we painfully need a new one). He surprised me though by saying that he still wants to look and trade ours in! So now comes the looking and financing part of buying a car, and the many arguments to follow I’m sure. 😉

At least things are finally getting done.


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