A Weekend of Birthdays

June holds alot of birthdays for our friends and family. Two happen to be one day apart. This year the parties were backwards but still worked. First was Olivia’s 1st birthday party on Saturday. She had so many guests that they wouldn’t all fit in the house, so we went to a nearby park. We snacked on fruit and worms in dirt, had a beautiful marble cake from Crazy Cakes, and watched Miss Olivia get spoiled rotten. The goodie bags were handed out at the end of the party and suited the theme well, filled with all sorts of things from bug catchers to flower stickers and bubbles. Happy birthday Olivia!

Next came Sophie’s party on Sunday. There wasn’t quite as many people but it was a nice gathering of friends and family. For her 2nd birthday her mom decided on a Cupcake theme and made the cake herself, a giant cupcake. It turned out really cute! We watched her open gifts, and after cake the grown ups sat around and visited, while the kids played in the sprinkler and pool. She’s growing up so fast, have a wonderful birthday Sophie!


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